20 injured and 2 missing from Arctic Victory Incident

Exercise – AP – Wael Kouz

According to a press release from Beredskabinfo, 2 passengers are missing and search for them still continues. While it has been identified that 20 are injured with no information of their identity, nationality or extremity of their injuries.

The rest of the passengers have been transported to Nuuk where healthcare authorities will provide medical and psychological treatment if necessary.

Undefined loss from Arctic Victory case

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According to April Hiene, the cruise owner of Arctic Victory, the cost of this accident is not yet calculated or estimated.

But it is believed that huge cost would be involved for the compensation to passengers as there are 18 passengers are suffered from severe burns, as well as the cost for ship repair work such as fixing the leaks and the fire burns on cruise ship facilities.

Hjælp til de nødstedte på Ella Ø

ØVELSE Danmarks Radio, Claus Christensen – Ny hjælp er landet til de sårede passagerer fra Arctic Victory, siger en kilde på Ella Ø til pressen. Specialtrænede styrker er landet på Ella Ø med faldskærm for at yde nødhjælp, hvor de også får assistance af Siriuspatruljen. Sirius har en permanent base på Ella.

Et Hercules fly har bragt et dansk hold med kriselæger til lufthavnen i Mestersvig. Passagerer med alvorlige brandsår bliver fløjet dertil fra Ella, bekræfter Grønlands Politi til Ekstra Bladet.

Chaotic evacuation

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Greenlandic police states that there are still 11 passengers on board and that the numbers of injured people will increase as the rescue goes on.

All are evacuated except the captain and the chief engineer of Arctic Victory

Exercise_SCMP_Angela Liu.  Passengers from the cruise ship, Arctic Victory are being sent to the shore of Ella Island. But the captain and the chief engineer of Arctic Victory are still staying on the ship.

‘It is just the normal procedures for them to stay on the ship,’ April Heine, the owner of Arctic Victory, speaks for the first time since yesterday. ‘The safety of the passengers is our first concern. That’s why the captain and the chief engineer have to help the investigation as well as providing information for the ship repair work for the leak and fires,’

18 Passengers with severe burns

According to confirmed source, 18 passengers are now sending from Ella Island to Mestersvig with severe burns.

Further investigation is required

‘The accident of Arctic Victory could be due to many reasons,’ Heine adds. ‘The bad weather in Greenland, and some people abandoned the ships might be related.’

18 passengers severely burnt on board of the Arctic Victory

Exercise – AP – Wael Kouz

18 passengers have been transported to Mestervig after it has been reported directly from the ship that those passengers are suffering from severe burns due to the fires on board.

A C-130 has landed in Mestervig with a medical team. The injured has been taken to Mestervig because they can be transported by a plane to a medical facility in either Nuuk or Iceland, which is not possible from the Ella Islands.

No casualties have been reported by the Greenlandic police yet.


18 passengers with severe burns evacuated to Mestersvig

EXERCISE – Ekstra Bladet – Casper Eicke Frederiksen

According to reliable sources on Arctic Victory 18 passengers have been evacuated to Mestersvig, where a Danish Hercules aircraft have landed. The police will only confirm that “a number of passengers have been evacuated to Mestersvig with injuries”.

The police has published an evacuation plan, but the press is still not allowed to see that. According to reliable sources though, they are planning on flying everybody to Nuuk.

Everybody, but the Captain and Chief Engineer, has been evacuated from Arctic Victory to Ella Island, where they are being registered and examined by doctors.

Update: no casualties but 18 passengers severely burnt

exercise – The Sun – Yorg Bonami

According to our source who was on the boat earlier today, there aren’t any casualties, but there are 18 passengers with severe burns. They have been transported to Mestersvig for medical treatment. The Danish C130 Hercules transportation aircraft with a specialised medical team on board, has landed there to treat them. All other passengers have also been evacuated and are currently on Ella Island. Where they will be taken to from Ella Island is still unknown.

No deaths have been registered

Exercise- Júlia Manresa & Kate Richardson – BBC

239 passengers have been evacuated and 18 people have been transported to Mestersvig, where is a Danish base and medical team and they can then be transported to the hospitals in Nuuk or Iceland. These 18 are severely injured according to sources from the ship. 6 Canadian and 7  paramedics from Iceland landed in Ella Island to help with  medical assistance.  Greenlandic Police can confirm for the moment that they have not registered any deaths.



Arctic Command Chief of Staff: “It is very gratifying that we now have control over the situation”

Exercise-Júlia Manresa & Kate Richardson -BBC

Only the captain and the engineer remain on board the Arctic Victory. Passengers were evacuated under the coordinated action of flying and sailing units from Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, Canada and the United States, led by the Arctic Command.

“It is very gratifying that we now have control over the situation out on the Arctic Victory, who no longer have a fire on board and no longer taking on water. And crucial it is that we’ve got all the passengers in the country, ” said Chief of Staff at the Arctic Command, Commander Per Starklint, according to the Greenland Police.

The 200 passengers and 48 crew members are now in Ella island where the Greenlandic police will receive  them. The reasons of the incident, however, remain unknown.

Evacuation Complete to the Ella Islands

According to Beredskabinfo press release, the evacuation has been a success and complete, all 250 passengers have been rescued and registered. The captian and captain sailor are still on board of the ship.

“It is very gratifying that we now have control over the situation out on the Arctic Victory, who no longer have a fire on board and no longer taking on water. And crucial it is that we’ve got all the passengers in the country, “emphasizes Chief of Staff at the Arctic Command, Commander Per Starklint.


Alle 250 reddet i land fra Arctic Victory

ØVELSE Danmarks Radio, Claus Christensen – Alle passagerer fra  luksuslineren Arctic Victory er nu reddet i land. Stabschef ved Arktisk Kommando, kommandørkaptajn Per Starklint, fortæller, at situationen er under kontrol.

”Jeg er utroligt glad for at kunne konstatere, at vi i fællesskab med enhederne fra de øvrige arktiske lande, kan evakuere så relativt mange mennesker så effektivt,” siger Per Starklint.

Alle passagerer er evakueret


Af Sidsel Hoe

Alle passagerer fra det kriseramte skib Arctic Victory er nu evakueret til Ella Ø i Kong Oskars Fjord. Om bord på skibet er nu kun kaptajnen og maskinisten, skriver den Grønlandske Beredskabskommission i en pressemeddelelse.

Evakueringen er foretaget med hjælp fra Danmark, Grønland, Island, Canada og USA. Canada har blandt andet også bidraget med et Hercules fly, der har kastet paramedicinerne ned i faldskærm for at hjælpe tilskadekomne på skibet.

20 suspected casualties

Exercise – The Sun – Yorg Bonami

While the Greenland Police is still refusing to release any further information about the passengers, several sources believe there are at least 20 casualties, probably even more. They reportedly inhaled toxic fumes released by the fires on the cruiseship.  More information to follow.

Ongoing evacuation work for Arctic Victory

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250 passengers of the cruise ship Arctic Victory are sending to the Ella Island with hours of evacuation work with the help of Joint Arctic Command.

‘The progress is good,’ says Dorite, Press Assistant from Greenland Police. ‘We are trying very hard to do the rescue work.’

Press release will be held for the announcement of the number of casualty and details of what happened so far for Arctic Victory.


No Updates on Passengers of the Arctic Victory

Exercise – AP – Wael Kouz

Greenland police refuses to cooperate with the press to give out any information regarding the condition of the passengers or whether the evacuation has been complete or not. The evacuation have been ongoing for hours now with no evidence or reports of what is going on.

The police states that as soon as they are done with the registration and evaluation all information will be given and that everyone needs to wait till then.

Rescue teams are still on the scene and the number of injuries or casualties have no been reported yet.

Politi planlægger pleje til passagerer


Af Sidsel Hoe. 

Grønlands Politi arbejder lige nu på en plan, der skal transportere passagerne fra krydstogtskibet Arctic Victory væk fra Ella Ø. Politiet skal sammen med blandt andet sundhedsmyndighederne finde ud af, hvor den enkelte passager har behov for at blive transporteret hen.

”Hvis nogle passagerer er svært tilskadekomne, skal de have den rette behandling, mens andre ikke-tilskadekomne formentlig bare skal transporteres hjem,” siger Claus Risbjerg, der er administrativ chef ved Grønlands Politi.

Grønlands Politi er også i gang med at aktivere det kriseberedskab, der skal hjælpe med at tage hånd om passagerne. Arbejdet med at evakuere og registrere alle passagerer stadig i gang.

Captain and Chief Engineer still on board

Exercise-New York Times- Teresa Monteagudo  Arctic Adventure Company states that the Captain and the chief engineer are still on board in order to try to safe the ship. “Anyhow, if the situation goes worse they have the order to leave the ship”, declares Anderssen, from the Arctic Adventure Company.

Police knows where 250 evacuated people are going, but won’t tell the press

EXERCISE – Ekstra Bladet – Casper Eicke Frederiksen

Greenlandic police has plans for where the 250 people from Arctic Victory are being flown to. They don’t want to reveal that information to the press though. According to the police they won’t give out information about their plans, because of fear to give out wrong places and numbers.

At the same time they say, that they do have the plans for the 250 people ready, so given that information is correct, it seems like yet another mystery in the Arctic cruise ship disaster, why the press won’t be told about those plans.

According to BBC the evacuation is now over, but it is unknown whether the 250 people all are on Ella Island, or if they have been transported elsewhere.

Passengers evacuated from Arctic Victory with Captain still on board

Exercise-Júlia Manresa & Kate Richardson – BBC

All 250 passengers and crew of the Arctic Victory have now been evacuated from the ship and the 12 injured are still being treated. The engineer and the captain remain on board.

Firefighting crew from Iceland´s Coast Guard ships have returned to their own units.

Reasons for the ship´s  divergence from its planned route to Iceland are under investigation.

12 injured people receiving treatment – 250 people might need psycholigists

EXERCISE – Ekstra Bladet – Casper Eicke Frederiksen

12 people from the cruise ship Arctic Victory are badly injured and are now receiving treatment from doctors on Ella Island. Klaus Iversen from Arctic Command tells that all of the 250 people from the ship might need psychologists, but the doctors still need to decide how badly traumatized they are.

The evacuation to Ella Island is in process, but there are only 5 buildings on the island to keep them warm. They will probably be flown to Mestersvig and then to Iceland or other European countries, depending on the physical and mental condition of the passengers and crew and the capacity of the various hospitals.

Arctic Command also states, that all fires have been extinguished and all leaks repaired. How the ship is gonna be moved away from Ella Island remains unknown.

Arctic Victory under control

Exercise-New York Times-Teresa Monteagudo The Joint Arctic Commander declares that the rescue goes on and that right now water is not entering the cruise and everything is under control. They still don’t know the names of the wounded.

12 injured passengers receiving treatment, Evacuation has started


By Yorg Bonami

According to Kim Mikkelsen, Joint Arctic Command, 12 injured people are being treated right now and the evacuation has finally started. All fires have been put out and the flooding has been stopped. Iversen says there might be more injured people, but he can’t release that information yet.

The passengers are being evacuated to Ella Island, which could take some time.  From there the passengers will be transferred to Sweden, Norway, Denmark and other countries because Iceland can only treat 74 people.The Greenland Police now refuses to give more information about the passengers.



Fire Extinguished and Leakage Stopped on Arctic Victory

Exercise – AP – Wael Kouz

The Joint Arctic Command press officer Klaus Iversen ” the fires have all been extinguished by the ship’s own crew and rescue teams from the Danish and Icelandic vessels. And, all leaks have been stopped.”

There are 250 people aboard the Arctic Victory 200 people are passengers from 13 countries 50 members of the crew. They have started evacuation and will be able to start registering the passengers and more information will be available for family members and relatives. It has been reported by the Joint Arctic Command press officer, Kim Mikkelsen, that 12 people have been injured.

Priority will be given to serious injuries

Exercise_SCMP_Angela Liu. Arctic Victory, the cruise ship is now undergoing the rescue work. Greenland police is doing the registration on board and identifying each passengers.

‘There are some doctors on site to determine the degree of the injuries of the passengers,’ Lars Kirkegaard, Senior prosecutor of Greenland police says.

Kirkegaard adds that the more serious cases will be transported to hospital near Ella Island by police with the fact that there are 250 people on the ship.

12 tilskadekomne behandles


Arktisk Kommando bekræfter, at 12 passagerer fra krydstogtskibet Arctic Victory lige nu modtager behandling for skader.

“Vi ved, at der er 12 passagerer, der modtager behandling.  Men der kan stadig være flere, der er kommet til skade,” siger Kim Mikkelsen.

Brandene på Arctic Victory er blevet slukket, og skibet tager ikke vand ind længere. Evakueringen af passagerer til Ella Ø fortsætter.

Fires extinguished in the Arctic Victory

Exercise- Júlia Manresa & Kate Richardson -BBC

According to Klaus Iversen of the Joint Arctic Command, they have now managed to extinguish all fires on the cruise ship Arctic Victory and the flooding has also been stopped. Therefore, they are currently able to evacuate all the passengers and they have  started the registration of the 250 people.

Greenland Police Starting an Evacuation Plan

Exercise – AP – Wael Kouz

Greenlandic Police is preparing an evacuation plan. The Sun reports ” A Canadian C130 is now ready to drop 6 Sartech rescue workers (Specialists in Search and Rescue Technology)  to apply first aid to the injured passengers on board.” They will attempt to register all passengers and evaluate them as soon as the ship arrives to land. It has been hours and the number of injured people has not been found, also the kind of injuries has not been confirmed.

According to the Danmarks Radio a passenger by the name Thomas Winter explains the kind of mayhem the passengers are going through. He says that planes are roaming above the ship without helping and that heavily injured passengers and not being attended to. The process is still slow.

12 sårede reddet fra Arctic Victory

ØVELSE Danmarks Radio, Claus Christensen – Luksuslineren Arctic Victory er netop ved at blive evakueret til Ella Ø, og Grønlands Politi er netop nu ved at færdiggøre listen over passagere og mandskab. Flere brande om bord er blevet slukket, og skibet tager ikke længere vand ind. Bland de 250 fra skibet er der indtil videre 12 stilskadekommende reddet i land på øen, siger Klaus Iversen fra Arktisk Kommando. Arktisk Kommando har formeldt bedt om hjælp fra de Canadiske specialstyrker, der skal yde nødhjælp.

Police begins registrations

Exercise-New York Times- Teresa Monteagudo

Artic Victory passengers who have already been rescued are being registrated in order to know their identities and make suere if there is any mising passenger who could end up becoming deceased. There’s still no info about the identity of the injured people nor about the pronostic of their wounds.

Pårørende får ingen information


Af Sidsel Hoe

Både Grønlands Politi og Arktisk Kommando har stadig ingen information omkring, hvor mange og hvor alvorligt passagererne på skibet Arctic Victory er kommet til skade. Begge instanser oplyser dog, at der er tilskadekomne på skibet.

“Kaptajnen ved sandsynligvis, hvor mange der er kommet til skade, men den information har vi ikke,” siger Kim Mikkelsen fra Arktisk Kommando.

Pårørende kan ringe til politiet +299 36 52 23 eller +299 36 52 24, men på dette nummer kan de ifølge Lars Kirkegaard fra Grønlands Politi kun få at vide, om deres pårørende er på skibet eller ej.

“Vi har sat alt ind på at få arrangeret den evakuering, der lige nu foregår til Ella Ø, og derfor har vi ikke mere information,” siger Lars Kirkegaard.

12 injured people currently being treated

Exercise – Julia Manresa & Kate Richardson -BBC

According to Klaus Iversen of the Joint Arctic Command, 12 injured people are receiving medical treatment right now. Iversen said there may be more people injured, but he is not yet able to release this information. Iceland can only care for 74 people and the Arctic Command will help to transport the others elsewhere, but this is a matter for the Greenland Police authorities.

Joint Arctic Command refuses to release info about injured passengers

Exercise – The Sun – Yorg Bonami

According to the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Iceland, the Joint Arctic command should have more information about injured passengers. The Arctic Command refuses to release that information, which raises suspicion that the situation might be worse than they are admitting. The Joint Arctic Command is keeping both the World Press and the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Iceland in the dark.

Large scale evacuation may last for a day

Exercise_SCMP_Angela Liu. Different rescue teams are starting the evacuation work right now.

‘Such large-scale of evacuation may last for a day or more. It is extremely hard to predict,’ Klaus Iversen, Press officer from the Joint Arctic Command says.

With 250 passengers on Arctic Victory cruise ship, including 12 missing Danes that were found and sent back on the ship, yet the details of what has been wrong about the ship are still unknown.

Number of injured people still a mystery

EXERCISE – Ekstra Bladet – Casper Eicke Frederiksen

Several hours after Arctic Victory grounded Ella Island, there are still no numbers of the injured people on board the ship. A number of ships have prepared for the evacuation of the ship for hours, but still it hasn’t started, adding to the embarrassing Arctic cruise ship disaster.

It has been reported that the 200 passengers and the 50 crew member will be evacuated to Ella Island, and then flown to Iceland. In Iceland they are only capable of taking in 74 injured people though. If that is enough, no one knows since numbers are either not known or revealed.

Arctic Victory: kaos om bord

ØVELSE Danmarks Radio, Claus Christensen – Katastrofen om bord på Arctic Victory er i fuld gang med at blive behandlet. Men katastrofeberedskabet er præget af kaos. En passerger om bord på Arctic Victory, Thomas Vinter, fortæller, at redningen er i fuld gang. Men den går langsomt.

“Der er folk ude i redningsflåderne, der har ligget der meget længe. Der er også stadig folk i de områder af skibet, hvor der er brand.”

Om bord på skibet kan Thomas Vinter se fly, der cirkler omkring luksuslineren, men passergerene ved ingenting om, hvad der er for nogle fly – om de er der for at observere, eller for at flyve dem væk. Brændene, der har været i gang i mange timer, trækker katastrofebedredskabets opmærksomhed, og passergerene bliver let glemt i forvirringen.

“Jeg har lige set en mand, der lå med åbent benbrud og blodet fodsene ud, og brandmændene løb lige forbi ham for at slukke branden. Hvad med ham på gulvet?” spørger Thomas Vinter.

Evacuation work just starts

Exercise_SCMP_Angela Liu. According to Klaus Iversen, Press officer from the Joint Arctic Command, 6 people from Canadian sea 130 military Cargo Airplane is on Arctic Victory to start the rescue work.

Ivesen adds. ‘The US is having one aircraft there which is ready to help the rescue work. Three fire fighting teams are on board to put off the fire.’

However, there are no confirmed information about the number of casualties and the extent of injuries from the Joint Arctic Command.

Pressen på plads i Grønland 2013 – (øvelse / exercise) – The media on site in Greenland